About Us



Your health and well-being is always our top priority, Green Hills Pharmacy is here to provide all of your pharmaceutical needs. Moreover, we make sure to provide efficient and fast services in response to your needs. Green Hills Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that have been founded in Abu Dhabi in November 2015. We have a main branch in Mussafah Commercial ME-11 which is the only pharmacy in that highly populated area that has a 24-hour service, further more we have recently started our first branch in Mussafah Commercial ME-12 that’s serving a large area of buildings and villas of Mohamed Bin Zayed city.



To be one amongst the largest e-pharmacy networks in the world, delivering good health and happiness across boundaries.




•To deliver pharmacy services through the digital platform to the fingertips of the entire population of GCC and Middle East.

•To explore the possibilities of the digital revolution and deliver pharmacy services to every household.

•To bring the widest and the latest healthcare products on one platform.

•To create a healthy and happy society by making healthcare products accessible and affordable.